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I gain a great deal of pleasure helping people get the best that they can out of Internet Explorer, and I love even more helping them beat the latest spyware trends.  I especially love shutting down malicious banner advertisements, and chasing the bad guys from web host to web host, making things as difficult for them as I can.

I have always tried to live up to the extraordinary philanthropic spirit and abilities of some people whom I greatly admire, but reality is that internet access and computers and servers, hardware and software and educational materials, interstate and international travel to receive training, and interstate and international travel to be the trainer, is expensive when you pay for it out of your own pocket and when, in the end, you're just a normal Mom with a normal job on a normal salary with normal teenage kids and a hubby to love and care for - credit cards only get us so far, and sooner or later the debt has to be repaid - therefore, I must put aside philanthropy, even though it feels like I am letting down some people that I truly admire by admitting defeat.

So here is my spiel.  I've done all I can to help fight the bad guys via my blog and I will continue to do so.  I've done the best that I can to help users of Internet Explorer 5, 6 and 7 learn about their Web browser, and I will do all I can to do the same for users of Internet Explorer 8 and beyond.  If you have found the information on or Spyware Sucks useful,  I won't mind at all if you express your satisfaction or say thank you with a donation. 

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I thank you.