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Page Zoom

When it comes to "wow" factor, Page Zoom is right up there with Quick Tabs.. its brilliant.

Page Zoom can be used not only to increase the size text and GRAPHICS on a Web page, it can also be used to increase or decrease the print size of pages (or parts thereof).

The keyboard shortcuts to manipulate Zoom settings are:

Ctrl + (zoom in)
Ctrl - (zoom out)
Ctrl 0 (set to 100%)

If you have a Wheel Mouse, hold down the ctrl key then spin up to zoom in, spin down to zoom out.

Zoom selection can also be controlled by the the Zoom menu on the status bar.

Note: Zoom is not available on the Quick Tabs page.

User settings that affect zoom behaviour are:

Advanced Tab

Below are three screenshots of zoom in action (taken from a friend's site -

Zoom at the default setting of 100% (use the Tabs at top of screen to judge the effect of various Zoom settings)

Zoom at 200% - note the quality of the picture, even after zooming.  The quality of the zoom effect is dependent on the quality of the graphic being zoomed.

Zoom at 25%


There is also a zoom feature available for IE7 printing: